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Family Owned. 
Family Operated.
Meet the Family behind your next event!

From life's most enjoyable events to those most necessary, everyone wants a perfect event.


Since its inception in 2011, Scaffidi's Catering has hosted thousands of successful events serving tens of thousands of people in its history. Keeping to the mission of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group in bringing "A Taste of Grandma's House on Sunday" to the people of the Ohio Valley, all of our foods are homemade and handcrafted for your event of any size just as if it was made for a dinner for two in one of our restaurant establishments. 

Although locally owned and operated by the Scaffidi Family, Scaffidi's Catering brings together the resources of a team with a combined decades of experience in the industry along with the resources of a team that is unrivaled in the facilitation of events. 

From booking to planning to execution, the team at Scaffidi's Catering is here to create and facilitate your perfect event. 

Meet The Nonnas!

Our Nonnas (Grandmas) are where it all began. With a combined experience of over 200 years with various Recipes, Traditions, and Processes - the Scaffidi Restaurant Group's Culinary Program has combined all of their specifics and turned them into how we operate each day.  

Nana Theresa copy.png
Nonna Lucia.png
Zizi Fil.png

From Left To Right:

Nonna Lucia - Nino's Mom

Lucia hails from Prata Sannita in the Campania region of Italy. 

Zizi Fil - Dawn's Zizi & Frankie's Nana

Fil hails from Savelli in the Calabria region of Italy. 

Nana Theresa - Dawn's Mom

Theresa, Fil's Sister, hails from Savelli in the Calabria region of Italy. 

Meet Our Team!

From the owners down to our Catering Support Team, everyone has a part in helping facilitate your upcoming event. Meet the Team that works each day to make your event the best that it can be. 


Dawn Scaffidi, President, Scaffidi Restaurant Group

Dawn, in her role as President of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group, serves on our Executive Team and directs all of our Culinary Operations throughout our various brands. Dawn's ability to lead a Culinary Program within a multi-concept Restaurant Group is unrivaled in the Ohio Valley area. 

We asked Dawn - why do you do what you do? 

Whether we are serving two people or two hundred people, I am excited each day to be able to bring the same homemade and handcrafted foods that people have come to know and love from our Restaurant Groups to the facilitation of our events. 


Nino Scaffidi, Vice-President, Scaffidi Restaurant Group

Nino, in his role as Vice-President of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group, serves on our Executive Team and directs all of our development and advancement projects throughout our various brands. Nino's ability to execute a project that brings our group in line with what our customers expect from the current state of the industry. 

We asked Nino - why do you do what you do? 

Constantly evolving our Catering Division to meet the current needs and desires of customers, especially in this day in age, is exciting and rewarding to me as it makes a great event!


Frankie DiCarlantonio, CEO, Scaffidi Restaurant Group

Frankie, in his role as CEO of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group, directs all operations of the Group and serves as the Director of Scaffidi's Catering. From planning in-house events to mutli-faceted off-site events, Frankie has seen executed thousands of successful events in this time in the industry. 

We asked Frankie - why do you do what you do? 

Every event is different and being able to be challenged to the meet the unique needs and desires of each of our clients is such a rewarding experience to see the fully-executed event at the end of the day. 


Mara Eisnaugle, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Scaffidi Restaurant Group

Mara started her role with the Scaffidi Restaurant Group while in high school. After graduating and moving into college, you can find Mara now operating many of the events that are hosted with Scaffidi's Catering. Aside from that, Mara serves as the Executive Assistant to the CEO and serves as the main contact person to our events hosted with us. 

We asked Mara - why do you do what you do? 

Coming from our Operations Side originally, it is such an exciting experience to see events from their booking to their execution, matching the needs and desires of each client. 


Toni Morris, Operations Manager, Scaffidi's Catering

Toni manages the operations of Scaffidi's Catering, creating spaces and services for individuals based on their needs and wants with her multi-faceted team. Having facilitated countless events as a Party Manager and eventually overseeing the operation, Toni has the experience to deliver a perfect event every single time. 

We asked Toni - why do you do what you do? 

It's great to be able to work with my team each day to deliver the needs and wants of our customers. Compared to the operations of our Restaurant Brand, our Catering Division brings a new and exciting agenda to each day. 


Renee Ralston, Culinary Operations Manager, Scaffidi's Catering

In collaboration with Dawn, Renee oversees the Culinary Operations of many of our events. From meals that we make each day to meals that are unique to a specific event, Renee takes the same handcrafted and homemade nature from our other brands and multiplies them for the masses.

We asked Renee - why do you do what you do? 

Being apart of the Scaffidi Family where we treat every event like it is our own is such a rewarding experience. A lot of times, Caterers skip the homemade nature of their products because of quantity - that is never the case with us!


Maya Lamantia, Social Media Coordinator, Scaffidi Restaurant Group

Maya is a part of the Scaffidi Family, being Dawn's niece. Growing up in the Scaffidi Restaurant Group Family, Maya is no stranger to the company and its operations. Although in High School, Maya finds unique and creative ways each day to highlight the great work of all of our brands, especially Scaffidi's Catering. 

We asked Renee - why do you do what you do? 

Growing up in an environment where my family was operating the Restaurant Business, it is such a fun and rewarding experience to be at a place and time where I can contribute to its operations.