Our Private Event Spaces

Our Private Event Space is perfect for your next event - from Anniversary Celebrations, Corporate Events, Funeral Luncheon/ Repass Celebrations, Networking Events, and much more! 

The following are the guidelines for room rental with Scaffidi's Catering:

  • Rooms are booked for events of 20 or more. While we may make certain exceptions from time to time based on availability, rooms for less than 20 can sometimes not be accommodated. 

  • Scaffidi's Catering s is its own full-service, exclusive caterer for its event space. No outside food or drink is allowed. 

  • All room rentals must accompany some form of food service unless otherwise arranged. ​​

The following are general guidelines surrounding the room rental costs:

  • The cost for the rental of our spaces is determined by the amount of people you are hosting for your event, the specific set-up needs for your event, and the rooms that are available/ remaining on your desired event date. 

  • The following are estimates based on a general amount of people:

    • 20 to 30 People = $35.00 Room Rental Fee​

    • 31 to 55 People = $70.00 Room Rental Fee

    • 56 to 80 people = $100.00 Room Rental Fee

    • 81 to 120 people = $135.00 Room Rental Fee (Individuals will be seated in two conjoining rooms)

    • 121 to 150 people = $170.00 Room Rental Fee (Individuals will be seated in three conjoining rooms.)

    • 150 to 300 people = $300.00 Restaurant Rental Fee (Available Select Days Only)

  • The Room Fees are due at the time of booking your event, are non-refundable, and include:​​​​​

    • Custom set-up of your Event Space for your unique event needs

    • White Linen Tablecloths for all guest-seating tables and display tables in your Event Space

    • Clean-Up & Tear Down of your Event Space


The following are event spaces that are available for rental with Scaffidi's Catering: 


Tuscan Hall

The Tuscan Hall is the largest of the single event spaces operated by SRG Catering Services. Being able to host up to 125 people, this room is perfect for any event including corporate events, presentations, family events, and much more. 

Venetian Room




The Venetian Room is the second-largest single event space operated by SRG Catering Services. Being able to accommodate up to 37 guests, this intimate setting is perfect for your next small event. 

Roma Room




The Roma Room is the smallest of the single event spaces operated by SRG Catering Services, but serves as a perfect space for up to 25 people for meetings, confidential presentations, and small family gatherings. 

Next Steps For Booking My Event

The first step in planning your event with Scaffidi's Catering that will take place at our location is to fill out the inquiry form below and allow us to contact you after reviewing availability.  We do not hold rooms for any period of time, therefore the room fee and agreement for the reservation of your event will be sent to you immediately and is due 48 hours after its creation. 



My name is Frankie DiCarlantonio and I am the Director of the Scaffidi Restaurant Group. My team and I are ready to begin making your event the best it can be. Please select from the following options to inquire about your event, book a time for a consultation, or to review more information!