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Our Private Event Spaces

Private Event Space Rental from Scaffidi's Catering

From life's most enjoyable events to those most necessary, the Private Event Spaces at Scaffidi's Catering are perfect for your next event. Featuring a Full-Service Experience of custom room set-up, clean-up, and tear-down coupled with our exclusive In-House Catering Services, Scaffidi's Catering is a true partner in executing your next event to be the memorable experience you wish it to be!


Tuscan Hall

Great for events up to 100 or more!


Venetian Room

Great for meetings & much more!


Roma Room

Great for small, intimate gatherings!

  • What are the Rental Fees for your spaces?
    Rental Fees are quoted for each individual event depending on a variety of factors including the remaining availability of space on the day you wish to host your event, the size of your particular event, any additional space that you may require to facilitate your particular event, and so much more. To provide a guidelines, most Room Rental Fees run anywhere in between $35.00 to $170.00 per event. Please inquire about our services to receive a quote from an Event Representative.
  • What is included in the Rental Fees for your spaces?
    All events hosted on-site with Scaffidi's Catering are considered Full-Service from start to finish. The services related to our Private Event Spaces are no exception. Included with your Rental Fee, you shall: - Receive a Private Event Space that is best fit for your event that is dedicated to only the operation of your event.* - Your Event Representative will work with you to determine how you would like your room set-up to not only meet your needs and wishes, but also to provide the best flow and guest experience while in the space. - All Guest Tables and Display Tables will be covered in White Linen Tablecloths covered by Scaffidi's Catering. This service may be upgraded to include different color table linens, linen napkins, and much more. Inquire with your Event Representative for options! - Once your event is completed, simply take what you want and leave! Our staff will handle the clean-up of whatever you leave including the trash, decorations, or whatever else you would like us to discard. - After clean-up has been completed of your event, our staff will take care of tear-down that is normally the responsibility of the client at most self-service locations.
  • When are your Private Event Spaces available for Rental? What are the Rental Times?
    Scaffidi's Catering offers blocks of times for your event in order to service your event as well as others in the same business day. The following are considered normal hours of operation for Scaffidi's Catering as well as the blocks of time that we are able to facilitate your event: Monday - Saturday Block #1: 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM (Breakfast Service Only) Block #2: 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM (Brunch/ Lunch/ Dinner Service Only) Block #3: 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM (Lunch/ Dinner Service Only) Events on Sunday are considered outside of the normal operating hours of Scaffidi's Catering, however services may be provided. Due to staffing minimums, the minimum guest count to have an event on Sunday is 45 people. Please inquire about a Sunday Event with an Event Representative.
  • Can I bring outside food into the location or use another Caterer?
    Unfortunately, no. Scaffidi's Catering is the exclusive Caterer for events hosted in our Private Event Spaces and other Caterers may not cater within it nor can Clients bring their own food from another source into the space. Scaffidi's Catering offers a variety of affordable Food Service Selections. For more information, visit our "On-Site Services" listed on our website.
  • Do you offer Decorating Services?
    Scaffidi's Catering understands that every single event is different and their needs, wants, and outcome goals are all different. Therefore, we do not get involved with the decorating of your space. We welcome you to plan and execute any type of Decorating Services that you wish to do whether that be Centerpieces, Balloons, Floral Arrangements, and much more. Scaffidi's Catering has verified the work of several Outside Vendors that provide a variety of Decorating Services for your upcoming event and you can find that information on our "On-Site Services" page. Scaffidi's Catering does not contract with these individuals on your behalf nor do we guarantee work that either has or will be provided by them. However, we have seen the outcome of their work and we were impressed enough to list them for you! The only limitations to this is that there is absolutely no signage or other items to be adhered to any of the walls within our space. In doing so, a Repair Fee of $50.00 or more will be assessed for the repair, repainting, or other repair that may have to be commissioned in result of the action. No confetti is allowed within the room, either, including in balloons. If confetti is exposed onto the tables or display tables or is popped from a balloon, a Cleaning Fee of $50.00 will be assessed for the vast amount of additional staff time that it takes to remedy this action.
  • Can we provide Alcohol for our event in your Private Event Spaces?
    Scaffidi's Catering allows Alcohol to be consumed within the Private Event Spaces, but it must be purchased through Scaffidi's Catering or the bar in the adjoining area of our building at Scaffidi's Restaurant and Tavern. Per Ohio Liquor Laws, outside Alcohol may not be brought into an establishment that is licensed to conduct the sale of Alcohol, as Scaffidi's Catering is. For the vast majority of time that events are scheduled with Scaffidi's Catering, the bar at Scaffidi's Restaurant and Tavern is open and can provide service to your guests, whether it being offered on an Open Bar or Cash Bar Basis. Outside of these normal hours of operation, Bar Services may be added to your event by paying a nominal Staffing Fee for a Bartender to service your particular event. Alcohol Services within our Private Event Spaces for your Private Event are also available. While we do not set-up bars within our spaces for your guests, Mimosa Bars, Wine Selections, and Beer Selections may be offered to your guests within the space. Inquire with your Event Representative for more information on these services.

Ready to Inquire?

From small, intimate events to large, multi-faceted events to life's most enjoyable and life's most necessary events - the staff at Scaffidi's Catering is ready and excited to receive your inquiry about your upcoming event. Please use the links below to determine how you would like to proceed with your inquiry - from submitting our form for an Event Representative to review to scheduling a meeting with one of our Event Representatives to triage your event. 

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